The UK deal with the EU explained: what it says and what it means

Brussels European Council, 18-19/02/16

Discussion between David Cameron, British Prime Minister, on the right, and Donald Tusk, on the left, in the presence of Jean-Claude Juncker

By Steve Peers

The late-night deal struck between national leaders in Brussels on February 19 will change the UK’s future relationship with the European Union. British voters will decide if they want to remain in the EU or leave in a referendum now set for June 23. The deal addresses all four issues which David Cameron, the UK prime minister, wanted to renegotiate, although in each case he got only part of what he asked for. Those four issues were: free movement for EU citizens; UK sovereignty; competitiveness of the EU; and relations between eurozone and non-eurozone countries. But what’s really in the deal? Will it go ahead? And will it please Eurosceptics? (Read more)

Photo: © Union européenne, 2016 / Source: EC – Service Audiovisuel / Photo: Etienne Ansotte



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